Solo or Agency? Which One Should The Escort Choose?


This is a very good question. And actually many escorts out there should be weighting the benefits and cons of each option.

This article has been written exactly for this purpose. Because we would like to let you know which option is the best suited for you. If you want to make more money and make yourself pretty happy, then this article will help you with that. Just stay reading this article and you shall discover the benefits and negatives of working solo or with an agency. Just stay with us!

If You Want To Go Solo…

2If you decide to work on your own, then you can have the chance to get a lot of clients if you do a good marketing and of course get the 100% of your earnings. But on the other side you are exposed to higher risks, because you won’t have a good filtering like an agency does.

On top of that, you will have to rely on yourself to get the clients, which is something that does not happen if you work with an agency. But if you are okay with this, then you will have a successful career if you know what you are doing.

You will have to take all the responsibility on your own back. Because you will have to take care of the client acquisition and protecting yourself from the danger. Before going solo we advise you to meditate about this, because it means you will have to take care of yourself at all times.

If you think it’s too much for you, especially as a starter, then you can always work with an agency. In fact, this is what we advise you to do as a beginner, this is the best route to follow.


3The agency is a good place for the beginner escort or even for the experienced one who doesn’t want to spend time into client acquisition. Because if you work with an agency then you will get clients all the time. Just that your earnings will be reduced, as the agency will take its own share. If you can get in with an exclusive agency such as Elite VIP Models you will be able to earn more money and spend time with wealthier men!

Another advantage of working with an agency is that you won’t have to deal with security issues. Well, most of time you won’t. It’s a great way to protect yourself and get clients, so it’s a good alternative for you.

Escorting from a Capitalist Perspective


The world moves due to a precious fuel: Money. Cash. Bucks. However you call it. The world moves and speaks thanks to money.

You are an escort, we get it, but you need to start looking at it from a more capitalist perspective. If you want to take unleash your real potential of earnings and have an almost-infinite supply of clients, then we are sure you’ll enjoy this piece of content.

It’s time to grow your earnings and make this activity something a lot more profitable for you. Let’s make escorting great again for you!

Exploiting the Market!

2You need to be serious and exploit your market as much as possible. But what we mean by “your market” is not the wide and general market, but finding your own gap. That’s it. The secret to success is finding your own gap in the market.

It’s present in every kind of business and escorting is not the exception to the rule. If you want to learn how to exploit the market, then you must find your own gap and meet all of its requirements. As simple as that as you can see, it’s just a good technique.

It’s a secret used by successful businessmen all over the world. If you know how to target and identify a good gap in the market, then you can exploit and become specialised on delivering special solutions to it. And in the world of escorts it’s not any different. As with any business, location is vital. We have seen some escorts in Kent nailed that market simply because it was identified that there was a huge demand on London’s doorstep that few escorts were tapping into.

3Why? Because just like any other market, not all clients are the same. There are ones who are wealthier than others and have different requirements. Your tasks here is to find them and know how to meet what they are looking for. This is the secret which will lead you to real success.

It’s what you need to do. You need to look from a purely-capitalist perspective if you want to take your earnings to the next level. This is what you need to do. Because it’s all about taking action in a strategic manner, and we have just let you know what is needed to do.

Not very hard to understand my friend. You are an escort with a precious knowledge and advantage now. But how will you use it? If you don’t use this edge by putting it on practice, then nothing will change or happen, as simple as that.

Escorting and You: Taking It to the Next Level


You have a business. None can neglect it. You are offering your escorting services, and it’s pretty cool. It’s your way of earning the daily bread. But well, as a business, you need to create strategy to accomplish the following things:

  • Protect yourself from possible risks
  • Increase your earnings and margins
  • Get a good supply of clients.

You are the owner of your own business. So, wouldn’t you like to know how to manage your escorting services just like a professional manager? Then come with us and learn how to do it. The most successful escorts stay in the business for many years, just speak to any of the mature escorts in Essex about their career success.

Becoming Specialized

The secret to building a successful business, product or service resides on targeting a specific section of the market. If you want to earn a lot more money, then this is what you have to do.

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A lot of people don’t understand this, but it’s very special. If you are just a normal escort, then you will get a normal income. But if you know how to target a certain aspect of the market, then you will get the chance to earn a lot more money without much competition. This is the secret to better earnings.

If you become very specialized and offer the skills necessary to meet the demand of such specialized sector, then you can only expect to sky-rocket your earnings. It’s the secret to adding a lot more money to your bank account.

2But of course, there’s a learning curve and a dip. But if you surpass both of these things, then you will only experience benefits and advantages as a result. You will get very wealthy clients (provided you are targeting a wealthy sub-sector) and therefore more money. It’s as simple as that, and all you need to know by now. Just apply it.

Many escorts do not have a clear idea on how to do these things, but now you have obtained the knowledge necessary to take it over. You are right now in a privileged position. You are, right now, superior to the majority of escorts. But now you need to apply all of this knowledge, because theory without application is useless.

Now it’s time to take action as we said. Put all of this into practice and it’s just a matter of time before you climb to the top. Start today and that time will arrive a lot sooner than you think.