Why West End Boys Love East End Girls

East End girlAn Escort Date with a Difference

Based in the West End and looking for something new? Then head east for your escort fix!

With so many single men living, working and playing in the West End, its no wonder that the area is home to lots of escorts. Clients can take them out for dinner at an exclusive restaurant, party the night away at a swanky club or just splash out on a stay in a hotel. Sometimes, though, a guy just fancies something a little different and London is a big city! Many West End boys head east when theyre looking for a hot date unlike anything theyre used to. But what makes East End escorts so appealing to men from Londons most upmarket districts?

So many girls to choose from

Something that lures men to the East End for escorts is that fact that its such a diverse area. Youve got girls from all walks of life living and working in the area, so theres bound to be a girl who will take your fancy. Natural East End beauties, glamorous girls from Europe, exotic babes from far-flung countries the list is endless! Girls from the East End are really laid back and friendly too, which is a welcome contrast to West End ladies, who can perhaps be a little high maintenance.

Keeping your love life under wraps

Travelling to a different part of London to meet escorts also ensures that a man wont find himself in an embarrassing situation. If you hire an escort in the area where you live and/or work, then you could bump into someone you know, putting you on the spot as you try to think of a way to introduce your companion. Well, when you date beautiful escorts on the other side of town, you can leave those worries behind. This will really help you to relax and feel comfortable during your date.

Changing things up

More than anything else though, hiring an East End escort is just something a little different for a West End gentleman! Youll get to dine at new restaurants, discover a whole new nightlife and just explore a part of the city that you may never have before. Youll also be able to choose from a fresh selection of girls. If youve been using escorts for years, then you may have got used to the ones in your area and the experience may have become a little stale as a result. Not now youre in east London though! With so many new girls to meet, youll be having the time of your life.

East London is waiting to be explored

Wherever you are in London, you can expect the same five-star service. Great escorts are always discreet, professional and open minded, no matter where in the capital theyre working. East London is home to areas like Canary Wharf so escorts are used to businessmen, and thanks to the areas extensive regeneration theyre just at home in a Michelin-starred restaurant as they are in a traditional East End pub. If youre looking to spice up your love life, why not book an East End girl to spend the evening with? Whether its for a special occasion or just a little treat to yourself, youll be coming back for more soon enough!

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